21 June 2006

Improper firearm handling

Today's feel-good story is short enough to quote the whole thing:
Man tests gun, shoots hole in his left hand

This one might earn an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards, Wichita police say.

A 28-year-old man wanted to see whether his girlfriend's Walther .22 handgun was loaded, so he pulled the trigger -- and blew a hole in his left hand.

For some reason, Capt. Joe Dessenberger said, the man had placed his hand in front of the barrel as he pulled the trigger on Monday in east Wichita.

The man was treated at Wesley Medical Center.

Walther .22 handgun? That's most likely a Walther P22, an excellent plinker, when used properly. The slide is so light that Stephen Hawking could work it. There's really no reason to have to discharge it into your hand to determine if it's loaded.


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